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    Lectures and events around the New York City area.
    (No admission charge with the exception of Workshops where a fee is indicated.)



    Below are topics for the Sentinel Watch program, which is available 24/7 on www.csnyc.com and via local New York City phone number 332-255-6789.  (Please note this number is not toll free.)


    Letting friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members know about these broadcasts and their timely topics is a wonderful way to introduce others to the practicality of Christian Science. The programs are lively, intended for a wide audience, and inviting to the new listener.

    Orange dates are for phone access, blue dates are for Internet access.

    November 23 - 29 / November 25 - December 1

    What’s the relevance of the Bible today?

    November 30 - December 6 / December 2 - 8
    A Christian Science response to hatred and aggression
    December 7 - 13 / December 9 - 15
    Overcoming suicidal thinking
    December 14 - 20 / December 16 - 22
    Riding the wave of God's spiritual power
    December 21 - 27 / December 23 - 30
    A Christmas gift: Health, joy, and love are ours now!
    December 28 - January 3 / December 31 - January 5
    Discovering your essential place in God's creation

    Below are topics for the El Heraldo Radio on WADO-AM 1280 at 9 AM Saturday mornings. This program is also available 24/7 via local New York City phone number 332-255-6789. (Please note this number is not toll free.)

    Noviembre  23
    Gratitud: Una amplificación del bien pasado, presente y por venir
    (Gratitude: an amplification of past, present, and upcoming good)

    Noviembre  30
    La atmósfera de pensamiento
    (Atmosphere of thought)

    Diciembre  7    

    Una comunicación armoniosa, eficaz, y duradera 

    (Harmonious, effective, and lasting communication)

    Diciembre  14   

    Nuestra unidad con Dios 

    (Our unity with God)

    Diciembre  21    



    Diciembre  28   

    La fuente de nuestra fortaleza 

    (The source of our strength)

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